Natural growing with more yield

Carbon farming

More carbon (CO2 storage) in the soil, gives more carbon in the plant.
We do this by a correct use of a sophisticated methodology together with the best working bio-stimulants. The result is an active soil, stronger roots, healthy plants and a better harvest.

Active soil

A good soil is an active soil full of useful microbial life. An active soil is full of bound nutrients, has a good water balance and sufficient oxygen. The Natural Grown method ensures an active soil as an ideal start for your cultivation.

Stronger roots

Strong roots thrive best in an active soil. Together they form the so-called rhizosphere, where the plant and microbial life live in symbiosis and exchange useful substances. Natural Grown focuses on forming strong roots. Already from the sowing phase we will strengthen the roots with our methodology and bio-stimulants.

Healty plants

Once the roots are well formed we give all our attention to the growth and health of the plant.  Natural Grown makes the plant more resistant to abiotic stress, does more organic matter building through efficient protein synthesis, makes stronger cell walls and makes the plant less susceptible to disease. Strong plants give more energy to their roots, which in turn activates the soil even more.


Carbon Farming


Better crops: 

Carbon farming by the method Natural Grown ensures
for more yield in a natural way and with respect for your soil.

An even better result can be obtained by using less or no chemical fertilizers.