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Better foliar nutrition.


AminoVital is a powerful preparation based on all amino acids that the plant fundamentally needs for healthy and optimal growth.

The amino acids in AminoVital can serve as foliar nutrition and biostimulant.

Experience the difference.

Why AminoVital?

Amino acids are the building blocks of human, animal, plant and soil biology.

Plants can make these essential amino acids themselves.  This is difficult for horticultural and arable crops, because the production of amino acids takes a lot of energy.

However, in most agricultural soils few amino acids are already present, so plants have to produce them themselves.

This costs the plant a lot of energy at the expense of other actions such as growth, resistance and water regulation.

A gift with AminoVital provides the plant with all necessary growth needs, so that it can function optimally.

Do more with less and experience the difference.

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For all crops.

AminoVital can be used in all crops. (Potatoes, Onions, Corn,..)



The effect of AminoVital can be enhanced with

L-Humik and the other products of the Natural Grown range.



AminoVital can be used with crop protection and pesticides



AminoVital is a liquid that dissolves easily in water and is easy to mix with  with other products.

Download SDS

Download Product sheet

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