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Natural plant enhancer.


SiliVital is a unique and highly effective monomeric silicic acid preparation.

This makes SiliVital an all-round plant enhancer that ensures increased resistance, yield and growth of the plant.

Experience the difference.

Why SiliVital?

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For all crops.

SiliVital can be used in all crops. (Potatoes, Onions, Corn,..)



The effect of SiliVital can be enhanced with

L-Humik and the other products of the Natural Grown range.



SiliVital can be used with crop protection and pesticides



SiliVital is a liquid that dissolves easily in water and is easy to mix with other products .

Silicon is the second most abundant element.

It is a very important element for building up the resistance and structure of a plant.

Yet most agricultural lands have a shortage of absorbable silicon. The release of silicon is done by soil biology. Most soils have little to no biology, causing plants to build up a chronic silicon deficiency.

The use of SiliVital gives the plant back the structure and resilience it so desperately needs.

Experience the difference.

Test: Effect SiliVital on potato cultivation

+ 18 % -> 9400 kg/ha

The potato yield after using SiliVital had a yield increase of 18%.

Download SDS

Download Product sheet

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